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The Project

An architectural-landscape installation, a place of inspiration for action to combat the climate crisis, and a symbol of interreligious dialogue for the common goal of caring for our planet.
This is the Living Chapel, conceived by musical composer Julian Revie, a garden that induces spiritual reflection on the intimate need for harmonious connection between humanity and nature and a program of action, supported and shared by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Care for our common home

Our mission is to unite individuals, communities and organisations of all religions and origin to work together for a positive environmental impact on a large scale.

We promote the principles of the encyclical Laudato Si' and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“The work of the Dicastery is to promote the integral development of the person through the recovery of the capacity for a relationship between man and the earth. The Living Chapel is a key example of this combination which is both atavistic and impelling; its spirit of reception and openness, of sharing and dialogue, inherent in the basic idea, becomes concrete in its realisation because it is triggered in the territory and presents itself to the visitor in its shared sacredness, which must always be inhabited with care.”


Rev. Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam, head of Ecology and Creation for the Holy See's Dicastery

What we do



use of renewable energy sources


materials recycling and re-use


sustainable water management


knowledge and experience in green management

The Living Chapel is a site-specific artistic installation which meets the challenges of climate change through 4 fundamental and distinctive design principles:

Core Principles

The Living Chapel is an environmental installation replicable everywhere in the world that combines renewable energy sources, recycled materials, living plants and a sustainable use of water resources.

Based on the principle of integral ecology of the Encyclical Laudato Si', the Living Chapel is a model of sustainable and "living" architecture designed to inspire new spaces of spirituality and ecological awareness among all peoples of all religions. 

Designing, building and nurturing a Living Chapel over time is a process that engages young people and businesses.

“Through the themes of harmony, unity, and biodiversity, as well as transformation and rebirth, the Living Chapel offers an invitation for dialogue among all peoples and faiths. May these spaces of serene harmony in the midst of the vibrant cities of Rome and Milan provide hope and inspiration for many years to come.”

Julian Revie, creator of the Living Chapel Project.

The Project
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Botanical Garden


Calderini Garden


Press Review

"The Living Chapel debuts at the Botanical Garden of Rome for a show of art, music and nature".

Huffington Post

"The fruits of the Laudato si': from the Living Chapel, new trees for the world".

Vatican News

"The Living Chapel, when the trees compose music".

Il Messaggero

"Living Chapel in Rome, art and music to reforest the world".


"The Living Chapel, a space to meditate on the beauty of our world and the need to preserve it".

Il Corriere della Sera

"A Living Chapel whispers the words of creation".

L’Osservatore Romano

"The Living Chapel. The ecological design installation at the Botanical Garden of Rome".


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Z IMG_4291.JPG

Ways to support us


Help the Living Chapel Project planting more trees through a single or monthly donation



If you are a company or an individual looking to sponsor our project get in touch to discuss what we can offer in terms of visibility for your business 

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Under the patronage of the Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile - ASviS
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